“…the type of show the Fringe was created for. Armed only with self-deprecating wit and memories, Bennett reminds us that ordinary people lead extraordinary lives.★★★★” – The Sunday Mail, Adelaide

“Instantly likeable, Bennett is a deft storyteller with a frank, confessional style that blends pathos and humour to great effect. ★★★★½”Uptown Magazine

“The audience is spellbound, laughing, gasping, allowing their emotions to be played upon.” “Gut-wrenchingly good – Bennett is a master storyteller. ★★★★” Time Out Magazine

“Jon Bennett is such a warm and charismatic performer he turns one of the most puerile concepts into something quite special indeed. ★★★★” - Hairline Reviews, Edinburgh

“A funny, honest and heart-warming show.★★★★” – The Advertiser

“at the end of this hilarious and thoughtful hour, no one seems to want to leave the room. ★★★★” – Edmonton Journal

“true brilliance ★★★★” – Vue Weekly

“A wonderful storyteller at the top of his game.★★★★1/2″ – The Plains Producer

“Jon Bennett sets the gold standard in storytelling. This show is powerful, brutally honest, and drenched in the rich humour of pathos.”- Heckler

“Bennett has a near-mystical ability to spin a yarn, bringing characters and places to vivid life.” – The Skinny, Edinburgh

“Moments of Tarantino-like suspense where he has the audience on the edge of their seat one moment then suddenly laughing at the inglorious blunders his father endured the next. It’s a hilarious but heartfelt show that’s worth experiencing!” - Rip It Up

“Part travelogue, part personal adventure, Bennett tells these stories engagingly, swinging nicely between the hilarious and the sublime.” – Fest Magazine, Edinburgh

“One of the best storytellers you’re ever likely to see.”Squirrel Comedy

“The bad-travel stories of Bill Bryson, the familial weirdness of Augusten Burroughs, the sharp wit of David Sedaris and slides that range from the bizarre to the ridiculously hilarious.” – CBC Manitoba

“Delightful and enthralling” – Australian Comedy Review

“Jon is smart, funny, engaging and talented.” – The Herald Sun

“A refreshing change. Delightful stuff.” – Rip It Up Magazine

“It needs to be seen to be believed”
“Ladies and gentlemen, this is not your average run-of-the-mill comedy show.”
“Ever get the feeling you’re being played with by a prankster with Andy Kaufman sensibilities?”– RHUM Magazine

“Bennett is a natural storyteller and will have you completely engrossed” – Montreal Mirror

“Jon Bennett is compellingly watchable, and a comedic delight.”

“Has all the elements – high comedy, high drama and a dynamite delivery that not even a hyena and a ringing cellphone can derail.” – “Young Jon is not well. But what an imagination. He will leave audiences convulsing for the right reasons and will leave them still with sobering family insights for the right reasons as well.”Bill Brownstein, The Montreal Gazette

Before he became better known for pretending things were his cock, Jon Bennett began his comedy career doing regular stand up shows at the age of 19.

After a brief foray into TV and radio, which included writing and acting in Channel 31 comedy shows such as the award-winning The Ugly Stick, Bennett decided to change to a more storytelling style of comedy.

In 2007, he began performing in storytelling nights around Melbourne, including Northcote’s popular Willow Tales, which he now hosts.

In 2009, Bennett realised his talent for placing his groin next to inanimate objects and created the hugely popular internet photographic phenomenon Pretending Things Are a Cock. What started as a joke between friends has now spawned a successful book, exhibition and countless critically-acclaimed live performances.

The PTAAC live show has wowed audiences the world over, with Bennett bringing his phallus-laden performances to festivals in Melbourne, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Edinburgh, Woodford, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane & Sydney . PTAAC was also nominated for Montreal’s Just for Laughs Best Comedy award in 2010 & Best of The Fest at Winnipeg Fringe 2012. Next stops for 2013 is Orlando Fringe & Zoofest.

Aside from his prolific cock-making tendencies, Bennett continues to perform and tell stories around the globe. He hosts several storytelling nights around Melbourne, and has brought his stories to Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Montreal, Vancouver, Edinburgh and New York, where he has performed at several of the famous The Moth storytelling nights.

In 2012, Bennett introduced his show My Dad’s Deaths at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival & Adelaide Fringe, and also toured extensively throughout Europe and North America earning him a 2nd Just For Laughs Award Best Comedy Award nomination. My Dad’s Deaths will be performed this year at the Edinburgh Fringe.

In 2013, Fire in the Meth Lab, the unbelievable story of Bennett’s wayward older brother was debuted at the MICF and will continue onto the Montreal Fringe.


Stand-up Comedy & Storytelling:

My Dad’s Deaths – Edinburgh Fringe (2013)

My Dad’s Deaths – Winnipeg Fringe (2013)

Pretending Things Are A Cock – Zoofest (2013)

Fire In The Meth Lab – Montreal Fringe (2013)

Pretending Things Are A Cock – Orlando Fringe (2013)

Pretending Things Are A Cock – Sydney Comedy Festival (2013)

Fire In The Meth Lab – Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2013)

Pretending Things Are A Cock – Brisbane Comedy Festival (2013)

Pretending Things Are A Cock – Adelaide Fringe (2013)

My Dad’s Deaths – Adelaide Fringe (2013)

Pretending Things Are A Cock – FringeWorld Perth (2013)

Pretending Things are a Cock – Woodford Folk Festival (2012/13)

Pretending Things are a Cock – Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Pleasance Courtyard (2012)

Pretending Things are a Cock – Winnipeg Fringe Festival (2012) **Best of the Fest**

My Dad’s Deaths – Montreal Fringe Festival (2012) **Just For Laughs Award Nomination for Best Comedy**

My Dad’s Deaths – Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2012)

Pretending Things are a Cock – The Falls Festival (2011/2012)

Performances for The Calling Comedy, Comedy @ The Kingston and Corduroy Comedy (Headliner) – Vancouver (2011)

Pretending Things are a Cock – Edmonton Fringe Festival (2011)

Performances at M.I.’s Westside Comedy Theater, Magic Bag Comedy and Jackie’s Joy Brigade Comedy – Los Angeles (2011)

Co-creator and host of the monthly events: “Rocket Clock Storytelling”, “Willow Tales” and “END.OF.STORY.” (2011)

Pretending Things are a Cock: Still Cocking After all this Year – Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2011)

Performance for The New York Storytellers Society and The Moth Storytelling – NYC (2010)

Performances for Comedy as a Second Language – NYC (2010)

Performances for Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Comedy (Headliner) and The Moth Storytelling – Los Angeles (2010)

Performances for Castagnola’s Comedy (Headliner) and Club93 – San Francisco (2010)

Performances for Helium Comedy Club and Sukis – Portland (2010)

Performances for Underground Comedy and People Republic of Komedy – Seattle (2010)

Performances for Telling Tales Storytelling (Headliner) – Vancouver (2010)

“Pretending Things are a Cock” - Vancouver Fringe Festival (2010)

Performances for Kingston Comedy, The Hennessy Invitational, Corduroy, JLounge and Guilt & Comedy – Vancouver (2010)

“Pretending Things are a Cock” - Montreal Fringe Festival (2010) **Just For Laughs Nomination for Best Comedy**

Performances for Too Much!, Kick Ash Comedy, Couscous Comedy and Comedyworks – Montreal (2010)

Performances for The Edge Comedy, Please Enjoy Yourself and Entertaining JuliaChicago (2010)

“Pretending Things are a Cock with Jon Bennett” - Melbourne International Comedy Festival (2010)

“Storytelling with Jon Bennett” - Adelaide Fringe Festival (2010)

Photographic Exhibition of “Pretending Things are a Cock” chosen to be displayed at The Urban Cow Studio for the Adelaide Fringe Festival (2010)

Performances for The Moth Storytelling and Speakeasy Storytelling in New York City (2009)

Performances for Comix Comedy Club, and Comedy as a Second Language in New York City (2009)

Performance for Wharf Room Comedy in San Francisco (2009)

Performance at the University of California, Los Angeles (2009)

Performances for HEEB Storytelling, Yuk Yuks International Stand up Comedy, AltDotComedy, Comedy Central, and Hotbox – Toronto (2009)

Performances for Too Much!, Ernie Butler’s Comedy Nest, and Comedyworks – Montreal. (2009)

Resident Host and Performer for 2 seasons of Northcote Storytellers (2008/09)

Stand-up Comedy for the 2006 Falls Festival Host and MC for the 2006 Falls Festival Main Stage (Introducing bands such as “Wolfmother”, “Modest Mouse”, “Eskimo Joe” and many others)

Host of the 2006 SYN Radio Awards

Performed at MS Comedy Gala (Televised) (2003)

Support for Tripod at Charles Sturt University (Canberra 2004)

Host and MC of Melbourne University’s ‘Funniest Student’ Competition (2006/2007/2008/2010)

Host and Stand-up for Melbourne University Annual Comedy Night (2007/2008)

National Green Faces Competition (2001/2002)

Laughing Gas Comedy – Competition Winner (2001)

Triple J’s Raw Comedy – State Finalist (2000/2002)


Writer, Actor and Host of Live TV Show “Barnaby Flower’s Bumper Bonanza” (2009)

Writer, Actor and Host of TV Show “Barnaby Flowers: A Time to Talk” (2008)

Writer, Actor and Host of Live TV Show “Barnaby Flower’s Comeback Special” (2007) *Awarded Best Live Comedy Show at 2007 National Antenna Awards & Selected to appear in 50 years of Television Exhibition*

Writer and Actor for TV comedy show “The Ugly Stick” (2007) *Awarded Six 2006 National Antenna Awards including Best Comedy*

Host of “Uplate for Melbourne City Mission Telethon” (2007)


Radio Presenter for “The Ugly Stick” radio show (2007) *Syn Award for Best Radio Comedy*

Guest Presenter on ThreeThousand Radio for RRR (2008)

Guest Presenter on Stefan and Craig Morning Show (2008)

Corporate Events:

Host and MC for St Kilda Festival (2012)

Spencer Street Fashion Station – Actor/host of viral advertisment (

Stand-up performance for TREV/AACA Annual Conference (2008)

Host and MC of the “UFilm Festival Finals” (2005/2006/2007/2008)

Host and MC of the National Campus Band Competition (2006/2007/2008)

Host of Game Launch for Sega and Playstation 2 (2005)

Host of Playstation Eye Toy Competition (2005)

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image Annual Quiz – Host and Quizmaster (2005)

Stand-up for The Australian Centre for the Moving Image Christmas Party (2004/2005)

Hosted New Price Retail Awards Night (2004)

Shows for Pesel and Carr Event Management (2004)

Hosted the Australian Centre for the Moving Image Second Birthday (2004)


‘Pretending Things are a Cock’, Urban Cow Studio (2009)


  • ‘Pretending Things are a Cock the Book’ – Published Polyester Books(2010)
  • Bar Reviews for “The Age” Newspaper (2008)


  • “Captain Inappropriate” – Writer and Artwork
  • “Hammerboy (Part 2)”- Writer and Artwork
  • “Bollard Boy” – Writer and Artwork
  • “For Fuck’s Sake Freddy” – Writer and Artwork (Published in TwoFold Magazine)
  • “Hammerboy”- Writer and Artwork (Animated for – Barnaby Flower’s Comeback Special and Published in TwoFold Magazine)
  • “Good Manners Girl” – Writer and Artwork (Animated for TV Show – Barnaby Flower’s Comeback Special)