Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013

In 2013 – 2hoots Productions is expanding it’s roster for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with 3 diverse yet divine shows. From the bowels of the Melbourne Town Hall to the Carpet Room of the Forum & pop-up venue Tuxedo Cat, go and discover some old favourites or new gems this season.

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall – Trying Hard

28th March – 21 April – TICKETS HERE

Canadian-Australian stand-up and sketch comic Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall has a humourful show about trying to do what you want despite the grinding devastation of reality.

This show promises to be better than sitting home alone thinking about death.

“Irrelevant humour at its best.” Herald Sun

Directed by Ted Wilson

Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall

Jon Bennett – Fire In The Meth Lab

28th March – 21 April – TICKETS HERE

Two-time Nominee Just For Laughs Best Comedy Award

Dear ………..,

How’s jail? Is it just like the movies? How many cigarettes does it cost for a picture of a naked lady? Are you getting really strong? I won’t ask any of the scary questions…yet. I’ll save that for the show.

So I’m writing a show about you. Is that ok? You’re in jail so you can’t really say no…

This story involves drug dealers, bikers, high-speed car chases, fights, crime, prison, vomit, exploding houses and cancer. It’s the story of a man who has cheated death numerous times, yet been so badly hurt it makes you wonder how he can be both one of the most insane yet unbelievably fortunate people alive.

This man is my brother.

This is Breaking Bad with a lot more bad and a lot more breaking.

”A master storyteller. ★★★★” Time Out Magazine

Fire In The Meth Lab

Mark Trenwith – Mr Snotbottom’s Stinky Silly Show

29 March – 14 April – TICKETS HERE

Horrible kids comedian Mr Snot Bottom returns with his sell-out show from 2012! Deeeesgusting kids comedy brimming with all the topics kids love: boogers, bottoms, pop-offs and smells! Little boys love him and girls love to tell him off!

Be repulsed by the story of the great bum-rubbing festival, get grossed out by his giant hanky and be horrified by the antique Fart Gallery! Perfect for kids aged 4-10.

“Kiddy stand-up at its best. ★★★★” Adelaide Advertiser

“Had the kids in stitches…parents won’t get left out.” Herald Sun

Mark Trenwith has been a children’s entertainer for over ten years performing in such TV and stage productions as Ben Ten Live, Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends, ABC1’s Being Me and as Captain Starlight at the Children’s Hospital.

Mr Snot Bottom