My Dad’s Deaths – Herald Sun Review

Herald Sun Review by Andrew Fenton

IF YOU can find LOOP, in an alleyway and far too cool to bother having a sign, you’ll be ushered into a back room where a Banjo Patterson quote fills a video screen.

Ominously, this is followed by a disclaimer that the show isn’t really stand-up comedy and could get emotional. It turns out both are true, but the show is still very funny.

It’s a heartfelt exploration of the relationship between a slightly wayward son and his father, a stern, upright citizen without a sense of humour.

Bennett’s dad doesn’t swear either, instead exclaiming things like “Curses” and “I AM ANGRY”, except on the rare occasion when he is near-fatally shot by his supposedly vegetarian son.

Anecdotes about his father’s near brushes with death are interspersed with very funny poetry, read a la John Laws, and there are random readings from idiotic Facebook updates that make you despair for an entire generation.

Interestingly, Bennett screens video footage his father shot of him performing more traditional stand-up as a young man, and he comes across as surprisingly confident and professional.

However, he’s abandoned that style of comedy for a more personable and confessional storytelling approach which works very well.

Considering his last show featured Bennett travelling the word taking photos of himself pretending inanimate objects were his penis, this latest show would appear to be a great leap forward.

Despite a few technical glitches, overall it’s a very strong show