On Dit Magazine – Jon Bennett: My Dad’s Deaths Review

On Dit Magazine – Adelaide University – Jon Bennett My Dad’s Deaths Review – Adelaide Fringe

Words: Sam Young

Jon Bennett’s father is a terrifying combination of pig farmer, preacher, and school teacher. Jon makes his living telling dick jokes in a show called Pretending Things are a Cock. Funnily enough, they’ve had their differences.

In a show at once hilarious and poignant, SA born Bennett takes us through the ups and downs of growing up in rural South Australia. A message on screen at the start warns that the show may go over time if Jon gets emotional, and the tone is set from there on. Despite a couple of jokes that fell flat, Bennett’s stories were warm and funny, usually provoking a loud reaction from the crowd.

The stories about rural South Australia were particularly relevant for the Adelaide Fringe, and the show was honest and very relatable. Whilst most of the gags were about the numerous times that he thought his father was dead, some of the funniest parts were thanks to rather absurd visual humour. There’s nothing quite like a man in a bunny suit and cork hat reading poetry.

At the end of the day, My Dad’s Deaths was a clever and well-crafted show, and also a reminder that maybe you should call your dad.

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