The Advertiser – Jon Bennett: My Dad’s Deaths Review

The Advertiser – Jon Bennett: My Dad’s Deaths – Adelaide Fringe 2013

Words: Kasia Ozog

JON Bennett’s no-nonsense father has died many times. Well, more like has a knack of making his family think he’s died.

There have been so many “deaths”, that Bennett has created an entire show about his father. There was the shark attack, the time he choked on soda bubbles, and the time he was shot in the chest by Bennett.

The result is a funny, honest and heart-warming show about Bennett’s relationship with his conservative father growing up in rural South Australia.

The show offers an open and hilarious glimpse into Bennett’s upbringing and his father’s ways. He is likeable and a great storyteller.

Bennett also throws in some hilarious poetry – his dad had hoped he would be like Banjo Patterson.

Comedy ****


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