Dear Brother,

How’s jail? How many cigarettes does it cost for a picture of a naked lady? Are you getting really strong? I won’t ask any of the scary questions … yet. I’ll save that for the show. I’ve written a show about you, is that ok? You’re in jail so you can’t really say no.

Love from your little brother, Jon

Renowned Melbourne storyteller Jon Bennett returned to the MICF with a show that told the amazingly sordid and bizarre story of his brother’s life. A sometimes shocking and chaotic tale, Bennett recounts his brother’s experiences with both charmismatic hilarity and heart-warming, poignant reflection.

Fire in the Meth Lab tells of drug dealers, bikers, high-speed car chases, fights, crime, prison, vomit, exploding houses and even cancer. This is Breaking Bad with a little more breaking, and lot more bad.

Next stop for the meth lab is the Montreal Fringe (14-22 June)

Praise for Fire In The Meth Lab;

“Jon Bennett sets the gold standard in storytelling. This show is powerful, brutally honest, and drenched in the rich humour of pathos. This is unlike any other show you’ll find at the festival. This is my pick of the festival so far.” - Heckler

“He’s best known for a show called Pretending Things Are A Cock, but in this skilful slice of storytelling, Jon Bennett has most definitely matured.” – Chortle

“Jail, Jason Donovan, bikie gangs, therapy and all the unsavoury memories of childhood come together in this addictive morality tale” - Herald Sun

“This superbly constructed show is presented by a young raconteur with a) a nice loud voice if you’re a bit deaf, b) a talent for building up a narrative and richly seasoning it with detail, and c) a good heart.” – Inpress