From the author and creator of the internationally acclaimed ‘Pretending Things are a Cock’ comes the story of the strange relationship between a comedian and his extremely conservative father, a man who has died… more than once.

Jon Bennett’s Dad always wanted his son to be an author… an author like Banjo Patterson.

Then his dad died…. but came back to life.

Then his father was killed falling off a ladder when Jon was 16… or so he thought. Six years later Jon’s Dad died in front of his eyes on a train… but got off at the next station. Last year, his dad was in a fatal accident…

Jon deeply offended his dad with the last solo comedy show he did about travelling around the world pretending things were his cock, and feels he owe’s it to him to make the new show… about him.

Having debuted the show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2012, My Dad’s Deaths went on to earn Bennett his second Just For Laughs Best Comedy nomination at the Montreal Fringe before critical success at the Adelaide Fringe in 2013.

Upcoming show dates;

Winnipeg Fringe (18-28th July)

Edinburgh Fringe (2-25 August)


Praise for My Dad’s Deaths;

“…the type of show the Fringe was created for. Armed only with self-deprecating wit and memories, Bennett reminds us that ordinary people lead extraordinary lives.★★★★” – The Sunday Mail, Adelaide

“The audience is spellbound, laughing, gasping, allowing their emotions to be played upon.” “Gut-wrenchingly good – Bennett is a master storyteller. ★★★★”Time Out Magazine

“Amongst the best, absolute funniest storytelling I’ve ever heard.” “Bennett never fails to capture his audience’s attention.” “Every Fringe Festival there’s at least one show I go to see more than once, and this year I think I’ve found it.” – dB Magazine

“A funny, honest and heart-warming show.★★★★” – The Advertiser

“A wonderful storyteller at the top of his game.★★★★1/2″ – The Plains Producer

“Moments of Tarantino-like suspense where he has the audience on the edge of their seat one moment then suddenly laughing at the inglorious blunders his father endured the next. It’s a hilarious but heartfelt show that’s worth experiencing!” - Rip It Up

“High comedy, high drama and a dynamite delivery – The Gazette, Montreal

“One of the best storytellers your ever likely to see” – Squirrel Comedy

“A show at once hilarious and poignant.” - On Dit Mag

“Jon Bennett is compellingly watchable, and a comedic delight” –